These cool cats will get you through your day (l-r): JT Thaden, Nikki Jae, Elliot Ames.

Our fantastic sales staff will get you on the air and help grow your business!

Front Row (l-r): John George, Heidi Lockaby, Aimee Issendorf, Tami Jo Hopwood.

Back Row (l-r): Greg Uselman, Michelle Richter, Stacey Gravelle, Joel Koetke, Alisa Wold, Amber Tougas, Jeff Leighton.

Our Front Desk staff of Carmin Close and Abby Schlauderaff can help with anything you need!

There is no holding back our production staff (l-r): Elliot Ames, Zeke Fuhrman, Charlie Newland, Dave Howey, JT Thaden, Tony Abfalter, David Kinderman, Nikki Jae, Dave Lee.

Our awesome staff at TV3 can bring your vision to video (l-r): Logan Johnston, Rayna Zima, Erika Gilsdorf.

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